Executive Outplacement



Managers and specialists often receive their first offers after 2-3 months.





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In executive outplacement, managers from middle management as well as highly qualified, usually academically trained specialists are supported.

The procedure is tailored to the individual situation and depends strongly on the respective target position.At the beginning of the counselling we determine together with you which counselling elements are particularly important in your situation and for your objective and draw up a project plan for your counselling. If the dismissal came as a surprise to you, it may be necessary to first discuss and understand the circumstances of the redundancy so that you can look ahead with focus.

However, we usually start a broad search of the relevant labour market after a preparation and strategy phase of around four weeks, so that you usually have initial discussions with potential employers after 4-6 weeks and receive initial offers after 2-3 months.

We tailor the procedure to your individual situation so that you quickly find a new position in which you can be successful in the long term. Our options range from the Compact Programme to Inverse Headhunting and the Guarantee Programme.