Employee Coaching

develop leadership skills

Sustainable results through coaching

Coaching is a strategic instrument of personnel development that produces measurable and sustainable results in the company by aligning the individual goals of the manager with the company's goals in coordination with superiors and other important contacts (such as Human Resources).

Coaching helps employees to expand their own range of competencies in a targeted manner. In addition to purely individual coaching, which is designed to meet a specific challenge of an individual manager, coaching is often used to prepare young managers for their first leadership role. Here, group coaching can also be useful to accompany a pool of young executives.

Transition coaching to accompany a new task with new challenges, such as the first leadership of executives, has proven itself again and again, possible conflicts or deficits can be identified and eliminated in advance.

A wide range of coaches for your success

KARENT has a pool of certified coaches, with different industry experiences and focuses, who cover a broad field of coaching tasks and also meet your task requirements. All KARENT coaches have

- their own experience as a manager of at least five years - an academic education - a sound coaching education with certification - extensive coaching experience.

We always adapt our approach to your individual task.

Preparation: As a rule, the suitable coach is first identified in consultation with Human Resources and, if necessary, the line manager. Coach and coachee should get to know each other to ensure that a trusting collaboration is possible and to clarify the task together.

The initial situation is assessed and development goals and the time frame are defined. In a final triangular meeting between coachee, coach and manager, the common understanding of the coaching task and the development plan are defined and documented in writing.

Implementation: The coachee's learning process begins in accordance with the development goals, whereby what is learned is repeatedly put into practice and tested. If necessary, the coaching is supplemented by role plays with video recording. After 5 coaching sessions, a progress report should be discussed with Human Resources and the manager in order to adjust the development plan if necessary.

Conclusion: At the end of the coaching, the achievement of objectives is reviewed and an action plan is drawn up to secure and stabilise what has been learned.