Assessment Center

Professional preparation for your success

Anyone aiming for a top job rarely gets past an assessment center. Both for internal promotions and even more frequently for external appointments, assessment centers are being used more and more frequently, especially in large companies.

Often, all employees at a certain level are also subjected to an assessment center internally at regular intervals. Here the aim is to identify candidates for potential management roles or to review team composition.

The elements of an assessment center can vary greatly and usually include various elements such as psychological tests, stress interviews with several interview partners, presentation tasks, some of which are prepared before the assessment center, as well as team tasks in which, depending on the company and position, attention is paid either to decision-making qualities or/and team skills.

"Because of your training I was well prepared and went into the assessment centre calmly. I got the job! Thanks a million!"

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We offer you professional preparation for your assessment center as part of a compact program. The contents of the program depend on the company and your motivation for participating in an assessment center. We prepare you for possible interviews, test procedures, stress situations as well as presentations.

Our consultants are often part of an assessment center team themselves and therefore know first-hand what to expect and can prepare you optimally.

Our compact program includes 8 hours of individual consulting, usually spread over several blocks of a few hours, starting at a price of 2.000,-€ plus VAT.

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