Management Coaching

Your confidant in the background

Managers know: the higher you climb the career ladder, the lonelier it gets around you. There are fewer and fewer lateral colleagues to talk to. Technical issues take a back seat and internal politics become more important. The further career or even remaining in the current position depends more and more on internal networks, loyalties and structures.

Depending on the initial situation, your coach will help you to analyse the situation, possibly carry out a mapping of the internal structures and reflect on your own behaviour in dealing with employees, superiors and colleagues. Together you discuss alternative courses of action and develop a strategy to strengthen your own internal position and to ensure a positive perception among important key figures.

An experienced management coach, who can assess your situation from his own management experience, will help you to reflect on the situation and develop the right alternative courses of action.

The consultation is very individual and is treated confidentially. For a first contact, please use our callback service - gladly also in the evenings or on weekends - or Mrs. Karin Luczkowski in Frankfurt under 069 272266-14 or by e-mail at

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