Top Leaders Outplacement

Contacts with key decision-makers as the basis for your success.

Prominent leaders often face special problems after a separation due to their high profile, which can make repositioning difficult, but also offer numerous opportunities. The Top Leaders programme is the right choice if the news of your change triggers a press echo beyond mere industry news.

Top Leaders have annual salaries usually starting at 350T EUR/annum and a tight market. The focus of our work is to establish confidential contacts and to accompany and advise you during confidential discussions with headhunters, supervisory boards and, if necessary, family entrepreneurs. Often the first calls, offers and discussions can be expected immediately after the announcement of the separation. Taking advantage of this momentum requires good preparation, if possible even before the change in the last position is announced.

Top networked advisors at eye level







The possibilities are manifold. If you are interested, please contact Mr. Christian v. Goetz, Member of the Executive Board in Frankfurt/M., for a first confidential discussion.


The advisors in this programme are among the best in the market, are very well networked and only look after a few mandates in parallel. This means they can be available to you whenever the situation requires. First of all, it is important to clearly work out your successes and the planned next step. Then it is important to clarify whether and what reputation you and your last employer currently have in the market, whether a repositioning is possible and makes sense, what references speak for you and how the necessary contacts can be established and activated. In doing so, we use all our resources to bring you quickly and professionally into a new position of responsibility.
If necessary, we will provide you with a PR consultant who will prepare you at an early stage for dealing with the press and help you to positively influence your image in the media.

Upon request, you will be provided with a personal office with secretarial services. We prepare you individually for the frequently encountered assessments with headhunters or even employers and ensure that there are no surprises during your interviews.