Costs and fees

Our programs

We will advise you on our programmes and your prospects in an initial meeting without obligation.

In a first personal and individual meeting of about 60 minutes, a consultant will inform you about the opportunities and possibilities of outplacement consulting and inverse headhunting. We do not charge a fee for this first meeting, but you can also start the counselling directly instead of the informative meeting. For an individual one-to-one consultation we charge 265,-€ (incl. VAT). If you decide to continue the counselling in an outplacement programme afterwards, the costs will be charged.

  Compact 4-Month 6-Month Inverse Headhunting Guarantee
Professional Programm 2.000,- 7.400,- 9.900,- 13.800,- 17.000,-
Executive Programm 2.600,- 10.100,- 12.900,- 18.700,- 22.700,-
Senior Executive Prog. 3.100,- 13.000,- 17.300,- 25.000,- 30.600,-
Top Leaders Consulting         individual
- Consulting approx. 6 weeks approx. 4 months approx. 6 months 8 hours until success
- Inverse Headhunting without approx. 3 months approx. 5 months until success until success

in each case in SFR plus VAT. The costs reduce your taxable income in full.

We are happy to offer you pure inverse headhunting after checking the prerequisites.

In inverse headhunting, the focus of our services is on the search in the hidden job market. If you have a clear objective and meaningful documents, e.g. from a previous consultation in classic outplacement with a competitor, this offer can bring you the decisive success. We support you in professionalizing your CV and in narrowing down the relevant job market. We can only make you this offer if the personal requirements are right. Please feel free to send us your CV, which should be as informative as possible, for consideration.

You decide on the program duration and focus

Our offer begins with the compact program. This can include elements of location assessment, optimisation of your application documents or preparation of an application campaign. A target company list is also included. In our outplacement programmes (from 4 months), we search for vacancies in the open and hidden job market after an intensive preparation and strategy phase. Your consultant will also accompany you during the search phase. In the guarantee programme, one of our consultants and a researcher will accompany you until you are successful. If you lose your newly found job again during the probationary period, the consultancy will be resumed, so that we will be at your side, if necessary, until you are successful twice - but for a maximum of 2 years.

Consulting services adapted to the hierarchy level

Both the consultancy and our approach to inverse headhunting must be adapted to the specific situation. For example, the activation and search for contacts at the top level is significantly more demanding than the search for HR managers for specialists.

We will be happy to tell you which of our program levels suits you in order to achieve the success you desire. In addition to the scope of responsibility of the target position, the level of decision-makers to be researched is also decisive. In our Top Leader and Senior Executive programs, our research also regularly includes supervisory boards and shareholders, in the executive area typically the first and second management levels and in the professional area the respective HR departments in the target companies.

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