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Outplacement with Inverse Headhunting

Advice. Contacts. Research.

We offer you the best of three worlds. Professional advice from an experienced outplacement consultant who is well networked in your region on the one hand, and consistent placement in the market by our research department on the other. 70% of our clients are successful thanks to the inverse headhunting process we developed in 2004. The remaining 30% of our client successes are distributed between professional placement in digital media (Linkedin and Xing), headhunter contacts, our network and classic job advertisements.

Consulting vs. Coaching vs. Jobsearch vs. Inverse Headhunting. Which outplacement consulting approach is right for you?

This is how we get you back in the game!

Goal clarification and strategy

Our goal is for you to become satisfied and successful in the long term.

People who can build on their talents and strengths in their daily work are more successful than those who mainly have to "arrange" themselves with their tasks and their environment. If the private and professional goals are in harmony with the previous professional successes and the personal strengths and weaknesses, our clients appear more authentic and thus more convincing and are more successful - in the application process, in the next position and beyond.

In the preparatory phase of each outplacement program, we will first conduct a joint assessment of your current position. From your strengths and weaknesses profile, your professional successes and our market knowledge, we develop the "red thread" of your career as well as the next target position. In your CV and your personal presentation, we will then clearly highlight those successes that employers and decision-makers know and understand, and that you are looking for in potential candidates. Preparation for job interviews takes place as soon as you have been invited to specific job interviews in order to ensure a coherent and well-rounded presentation.

As soon as we know your target position, we define the market strategy together with you. In which companies would you like to work? In which region would you like to work? Which general conditions are important to you? Which industries come into question? In which order will we work on the segments of "your" job market?

As soon as the career strategy and the market strategy have been determined - i.e. after three to four weeks - the briefing of our research team takes place and we search for your next position.

Inverse headhunting

You will usually receive the first invitations to job interviews after 4 weeks.

Unlike many other outplacement providers, we don't just advise you on how to find a new job yourself, we look for it for you. After the strategy phase is completed, you will therefore also be supported by a jobsearcher. Inverse headhunting proves successful with around 70% of our clients. It offers the fastest and most comprehensive access to your individual job market. After a rough initial search in databases such as Dun & Bradstreet, we will first narrow down the target market and expand and refine it with the help of our own databases, which have grown from 19 years of experience. Then we research the possible decision-makers in the target companies by name and bring you into play.

This can be via our contacts, a letter or email, and rarely via social media. We will build an interview pipeline so that you are as confident as possible in the interviews you now have coming up. Knowing you have a handful of interviews coming up in the next few weeks will make you more composed and therefore more successful.

Our research makes use of all reasonable ways to get into the job market. Your presentation on Xing and/or LinkedIn must be coherent. On the one hand, recruiters look for candidates here and on the other hand, they will check your profile before an interview. Your jobsearcher also uses the contacts of consultants, headhunters, searches in job advertisements if necessary and networks our knowledge from the searches of other clients.

We also cooperate with leading executive job portals to be informed about vacancies at an early stage. All our activities are coordinated with you. We search and advise. You decide on the specific procedure.

In 2004, we were the first in the market to develop active outplacement with inverse headhunting and have continuously improved our research approach. The approach is always adapted to the individual market size.

Today, our clients usually have their first job interviews four weeks after the start of the job search and decide on an offer after approx. 3 - 7 interviews.

Let us first clarify together who you are and where you want to go. Life is too short for snapshots and the next shot has to be right.

Christian v. Goetz, Managing Director KARENT

Ways to success

Calculated from the first consultation and without taking into account vacation and sick leave, the average placement duration in the last three years was 4.8 months. 70% of clients opted for an offer generated via "inverse headhunting". 

By far the most successful way into the market is inverse headhunting and our contact networking in the area of decision-makers. This is the direct route into the labour market and therefore the fastest. But the other routes also contribute to our overall success rate of 98% within a year. For example, applications to advertisements in well-known job portals such as Stepstone with a good 15% of successes and contact with headhunters with 8% are relevant sources of new opportunities that we cannot neglect. Client contacts and others such as becoming self-employed play only a minor role. Click on more to find some more data on placement duration and our client structure. 

The different approaches in outplacement

Why inverse headhunting alone is usually not enough.

Outplacement services always consist of the two service areas: 1. time with a consultant and/or coach and: 2. support in the area of finding a new job. In the market, you will usually find a combination of both services. Inverse headhunting pure and simple, largely without consulting services, may sound tempting and convenient at first, but it is rarely a sensible alternative. As a guide, we compare the most important offers here.

The development of Inverse Headhunting

In the first years after our foundation in 2002 we noticed again and again that our clients had a hard time in the application phase and did not do their "homework". Instead of admonishing them in weekly counselling sessions over coffee and biscuits to finally become more active, we decided to change our offer at the end of 2004. We reduced the number of counselling hours, but took over the research of employers and decision makers as well as the implementation for our clients. We hired new staff and gradually became better and more successful in this process. Placement times dropped by up to 30%. At the end of 2006, our approach was then adopted by local competitors, who later even specialized in pure inverse headhunting, largely dispensing with consulting services, and aggressively marketed this method.

Nowadays, every outplacement consultant offers some kind of service in the field of market access or jobsearches. What exactly is behind this is difficult to determine and is often offered as a black box in the contract. The offers range from meta search engines for job advertisements, simple access to company databases such as Bisnode to "pure inverse headhunting" without any consulting services.

Successful inverse headhunting is a lot of work, requires trained staff, a process that is closely linked to consulting, and appropriate databases and systems. If competitors "warn" you against our approach, it is because they are unable to demonstrate the considerable organisational effort involved. You are then put off - without any reliable proof - with the allegedly numerous contacts.

Outplacement coaching vs. consulting

A coach uses questioning techniques and methods to help his client gain new insights and develop alternative courses of action. An outplacement coach has often been employed in human resources development, has completed coaching training or even studied psychology. He is primarily interested in you as a person with your motives, abilities and talents. He wants to understand and motivate you. If, for example, you cannot understand at all why you have been dismissed and this is gnawing at you, or if you were dissatisfied with your job anyway and feel that you are not doing the right thing, then outplacement with a focus on coaching is probably a good choice and then we at KARENT also apply coaching techniques.

An outplacement consultant, on the other hand, is primarily interested in successfully marketing his or her client. A consultant is primarily interested in your professional profile, your career and your professional successes. He considers which employers are currently looking for your skills and profile and which alternatives are available to you. He will advise you on how best to market yourself and your skills, how to get into conversation and how to present yourself personally, true to the motto "Do good and talk about it". A consultant, for example, tends to come from a recruitment or headhunting background or has a management career of his own. He knows the market. So if your main concern is a successful repositioning in the market, outplacement with a focus on consulting is the right choice.

At KARENT, we see ourselves first and foremost asconsultants. Since inverse headhunting accounts for a considerable part of our fees, we simply do not have the time for comprehensive coaching.

Our experience with "Inverse Headhunting" without consulting

In Inverse Headhunting we try to bring your profile to the attention of the right decision maker at the right time. Inconclusive objectives or too long and complex CVs deter decision-makers just as much as an inadequate presentation of successes and stations. If the consultant does not do a good job of preliminary work here, this must be compensated for in "pure inverse headhunting" by finding as many target companies as possible. Again and again we see clients who have been offered a standardised contract by their "inverse headhunter" after more than 500 or even 1000 unsuccessful approaches to decision-makers. However, very few clients have such a large market and they are then quickly burnt out in "their market". In another case, 14 invitations for interviews were generated with over 800 decision-maker approaches but no offer was made. The client was a financier at heart, but was invited as a logistician - because that was the first impression from his CV. His "inverse headhunter" did not tell him this, because consulting was not agreed. After our outplacement advice, the next interview was successful.

Beware of untenable promises

The marketing by small local "Inverse Headhunter" often takes place extremely aggressively. Alone three offerers with only 2-3 advisors claim you are all market leaders in the high-level personnel range. The means saved in the range of the consultation, are then invested into the all the more complex marketing. Also the clients are pleased at first, if you do not have to co-operate as well as possible and can be dazzled gladly at the beginning. A disappointed client on Top level paid over 30.000 € and reported to us later impressed by rooms, equipment and hospitality by an own cook with one of these offerers. But he only saw that in the sales pitch. After that, his "consultant" was no longer available to him. Neither by telephone nor personally. One provider even claims that he only "selects" around 150 candidates a year from thousands of interested parties. His fancy villa, however - because no consultation takes place - serves mainly as a sales backdrop. Question with a critical eye, the alleged daily job offers, the claimed insider knowledge about management changes - which is usually incompatible with stock law - the salaries mentioned, etc. Stay realistic.


If you already have a clear and realistic goal and perhaps even a professional CV, your career has a "red thread" and your profile fits as many companies as possible, then our offer "Inverse Headhunting pure" with 8 hours of consultation can be a sensible alternative. In addition to the preparation of your CV, the focus of the consultation is then the narrowing down of your relevant job market: into the important "shortlist" to be worked on as individually as possible and the broader market the "longlist".


Optimal dovetailing between consulting and consistent research

Our consulting services are clearly focused to enable a quick placement via "Inverse Headhunting", as this is the fastest way into the job market. Only when you are well positioned here with clear objectives and a professional appearance and we are waiting for feedback from the relevant job market, do we follow the other routes into the job market with you, which, in addition to Inverse Headhunting, account for 28% of successes. You will not experience consultation appointments with us that begin with the question "What are we going to do today? You can click on the flow chart.

Full transparency of our services

Our services and contracts are clear and transparent. With us you know how many consulting hours are available to you in which period of time and what is to be achieved in this time. We agree with you which concrete services we will provide for you in the inverse headhunting and in the further search. We do not refer you to general phrases or sweeping declarations of intent as is the case in many competition contracts. You will get a clear answer to the question "How often can I see my consultant?" You know yourself that answers such as "as often as you want" - or "we'll do it your way..." are either not true or the provider will soon be out of business.

Healthy company size and local presence

On the one hand, our company size guarantees a professional structured consulting process with consulting in your vicinity, but on the other hand, it also offers you the flexibility you need in your individual situation. We can adapt our services to your ideas regarding budget, target region, target market or consulting times and locations.


The DAX30 companies and many more trust KARENT

Consulting is a matter of trust. If you wish, we will be happy to put you in touch with one of our clients. In this way, you can find out first-hand about our working methods and our successes. In almost 20 years of activity, we have helped employees from all DAX30 companies and numerous medium-sized businesses to successfully continue their professional careers. Under Client Experiences you will also find authentic feedback from individual outplacement clients.

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We will advise you on our programmes and your prospects in an initial meeting without obligation.

In a first personal and individual meeting of about 60 minutes, a consultant will inform you about the opportunities and possibilities of outplacement consulting and inverse headhunting. We do not charge a fee for this first meeting, but you can also start the counselling directly instead of the informative meeting. For an individual one-to-one consultation we charge 265,-€ (incl. VAT). If you decide to continue the counselling in an outplacement programme afterwards, the costs will be charged.

You decide on the duration of the program and the focus.

Our offer starts with the compact program. This can include elements of location assessment, optimisation of your application documents or preparation of an application campaign. A target company list is also included. In our outplacement programmes (from 4 months), we search for vacancies in the open and hidden job market after an intensive preparation and strategy phase. Your consultant will also accompany you during the search phase. In the guarantee programme, one of our consultants and a researcher will accompany you until you are successful. If you lose your newly found job again during the probationary period, the consulting service will be resumed, so that we will be at your side, if necessary, until you are successful twice - but for a maximum of 2 years.

We adapt our consulting services to your hierarchical level.

Both the consultancy and our approach to inverse headhunting must be adapted to the specific situation. For example, the activation and search for contacts at the top level is much more demanding than the search for HR managers for specialists.

We will be happy to tell you which of our program levels suits you in order to achieve the success you desire. In addition to the scope of responsibility of the target position, the level of decision-makers to be researched is also decisive. In our Top Leader and Senior Executive programs, our research also regularly includes supervisory boards and shareholders, in the executive area typically the first and second management levels and in the professional area the respective HR departments in the target companies.

We are happy to offer you our program: Inverse Headhunting after checking the prerequisites.

In inverse headhunting, the focus of our services is on the search in the hidden job market. If you have a clear objective and meaningful documents, e.g. from a previous consultation in classic outplacement, this offer can bring you the decisive success. Our secretariat will support you in the preparation of the documents, in the narrowing down of the relevant job market and we will prepare you for the interviews. We can only make you this offer if the personal prerequisites are right.


  Kompakt 4-Monate 6-Monate Inverses Headhunting Garantie
Professional Programm 3.200,- 10.000,- 12.000,- 19.600,- 24.000,-
Executive Programm 3.200,- 12.000,- 17.500,- 22.000,- 27.000,-
Senior Executive Prog. 3.200,- 15.000,- 22.000,- 32.700,- 40.000,-
Top Leaders Consulting         individual
- Consulting approx. 6 weeks approx. 4 months approx. 6 months 8 hours until success
- Inverse Headhunting without approx. 3 months approx. 5 months until success until success

in each case in €,- plus VAT. The costs reduce your taxable income in full.

Contact us now

By far the most successful way into the market is inverse headhunting and our contact networking in the area of decision-makers. This is the direct route into the labour market and therefore the fastest. But the other routes also contribute to our overall success rate of 98% within a year. For example, applications to advertisements in well-known job portals such as Stepstone with a good 15% of successes and contact with headhunters with 8% are relevant sources of new opportunities that we cannot neglect. Client contacts and others such as becoming self-employed play only a minor role. Click on more to find some more data on placement duration and our client structure. 

  Kompakt 4-Monate 6-Monate Inverses Headhunting Garantie
Professional Programm 2.000,- 7.400,- 9.900,- 13.800,- 17.000,-
Executive Programm 2.600,- 10.100,- 12.900,- 18.700,- 22.700,-
Senior Executive Prog. 3.100,- 13.000,- 17.300,- 25.000,- 30.600,-
Top Leaders Beratung         individuell
darin enthalten          
- Beratung ca. 6 Wochen ca. 4 Monate ca. 6 Monate 8 Stunden bis zum Erfolg
- Inverses Headhunting ohne ca. 3 Monate ca. 5 Monate bis zum Erfolg bis zum Erfolg